Winter ’18 Game Jam Entries and December 2018 Online Meeting Announcement

Knoxville Game Design invites you to attend the online meeting and show recording for Sunday December 9, 2018 at 2pm Eastern Time.

This month we will  show off and discuss the games created by Knoxville developers for Winter ’18.  Knoxville had three great entries!  Let us know if we missed yours and we will add it to the list.

Omnomelettes by Dylan

Welcome to Omnomelettes, the egg-operated cook-to-order omelette restaurant. Our staff give their all to ensure you have a quality breakfast.

The Trenches by Jacob

You are a German Soldier trapped in the eastern front, however all gun fire and artillery fire has ceased. The Trenches have grown immensely quiet.

Your goal is to collect two halves a car key to escape the Trench. W to move forwards A to turn left D to turn right S to move backwards SPACE to attack, uses sanity. Run low on sanity, and you lose your grip on reality. Don’t let the madness catch you. (your max sanity will be drained by 25% when a key piece is collected)

Stratospheric Aerosol Injection by Levi

Reduce the population using the aerosol spray from your plane. Tank refill pickups appear periodically. Avoid the projectiles shot by the radar towers.

Also, Drew has been working on Shump It Up (working title)

Gameplay Videos

Any questions on the topic or game development in general are welcome.  We will also have time for “show and tell” for anyone who wants to share any game projects that they have been developing.

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Summer ’18 Game Jam Entries

Knoxville Game Design had three great entries for Summer ’18!  The theme for this game jam was “Running out of Space”.

Put What Where? by Joe

Your goal is to receive and sort mixed pallets of different colored boxes to match the outgoing orders. You have a limited amount of space to organize, and the only way to make more space is to finish the pallet configurations and get them out the door. The faster you can finish each one the more points you get. If there is no space to receive the next incoming shipment when it arrives you get a strike – 3 strikes and it’s game over.

FIRE by Jacob

In FIRE, you must escape a burning Forrest by collecting three parts of a broken key.  You must piece them together and escape through the front gate. WASD to move, touch keys to collect.

Crazy Delivery by Levi

Choose your truck and deliver the packages to the buildings. Each truck has different speed, turning, and package capacity. Can you deliver all of the packages before time runs out?

Time Lapse Development Videos

GM48 27th Entries

Knoxville Game Design had two great entries for the GM48 27th competition.  The theme was “Countdown”.

Logic by Joe

You have five minutes to solve the combination to win!

Download –


Demolition Madness

Help the construction worker climb the ladders to get to the top of the building to flip the switch to initiate the demolition of of the building.

Download –


If you are in the Knoxville area and we missed your game, please let us know by sending an email to


Spring ’18 Game Jam Entries

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the Spring ’18 kickoff!  Knoxville Game Design had three great entries for the game jam!  The theme for this game jam was “Combine 2 Incompatible Genres”.

Card Person Shooter by Jacob

After cheating in a game of poker, you must go through the red underworld of the Cardlands, fight your way out with the very cards that got you here. Use WASD to move and left click to attack.

Cardramino by Joe

Drag the cards to the board to use them to manipulate the pieces as they come down. There are left, right, and rotation cards. The cards will highlight green if they are acceptable to play, and red if they are not.

You can also choose to sacrifice a card to freeze the piece for a limited time (3 seconds). The card slot that is discarded will be out of play for awhile. It can be helpful to get the freeze time, but hurtful because you will less cards for that time. The longer the game goes, the more penalty time the discard takes to freeze the falling piece.

Blocks of Nibiru by Levi

Blocks from from Nibiru are falling into our dimension. The blocks arrive in shapes of four and stack on top of other blocks. Save the world from destruction by destroying the blocks before they reach the top of the dimensional plane. Destroying blocks will periodically award bonuses for your ship. Be careful to watch the heat meter above each ship, as overheating will require your cannons an extended period of time to cool off before you can shoot again.

In other words, the game is a cross between the space shoot-em-up genre and falling block puzzle game genre. The gameplay is inspired by games like Gyruss and Tetris.

Time Lapse Development Videos

Winter ’17 Game Jam Entries

Knoxville Game Design had four great entries for Winter ’17!  The theme for this game jam was “The more you have, the worse it is”.

WizCorp by Dylan

WizCorp is an “idle clicker” game where you are producing and converting resources to score points, which can then be spent on upgrades.
If you let resources build up past a certain point, however, your “auto-clickers” will process less often. Note that upgrades later in the chain are less efficient than upgrades earlier in the chain.

BOOM! by Jacob

BOOM! is a first person shooter about an average Tuesday night for the lower middle class life of a soul collector.
Your goal is to find the Devourer of Souls and defeat him for the 10000th time.

Irwin McSpenders by Levi

Irwin McSpenders is on a quest to become the greatest tax accountant in the world. Help him gather as much money as possible. Unfortunately, the more money you have, the worse the taxes are on him, as he will be placed in higher tax brackets as his income rises.

Space Badies by Dennis

More Badies means more problems. Make your way through the Badies and get all the points.

Time Lapse videos

GM48 (24th) Entries

Members of Knoxville Game Design submitted two games for the GM48 game development competition.  Games were created in 48 hours using GameMaker.

Wait for It by Joe

Wait For It is a timing puzzle game with 20 stages to complete. Learn the pattern of the movement and take your best shot! Try to complete all the stages!

UltraShot by Levi

Use the UltraShot cannon to blast the ball to the goal container. Other cannons will assist in directing the ball along the way. Avoid hitting the wall or blocks in the ball’s path.

Time Lapse videos


Summer ’17 Game Jam Entries

There were four great entries from Knoxville Game Design for Summer ’17.  The theme for this competition was Running Out of Power.  The entries by our group are listed below in no specific order.  Let us know if we missed your game!

Power Transformer by Ruth Ann

Multiple US cities have been hit with simultaneous power grid failures. We are RUNNING OUT OF POWER.

The government has tasked YOU—a PowerTransformer—to put as many windmills as you can back in operation in a limited amount of time in order to get power restored to a maximum number of households.

Created with JavaScript, Processing.js, and BOX2D

Lost Signal by Jacob

Lost signal is game in which you have to find digits to a code to escape a strange abandoned building.

Beware the bats!

Created with GameMaker

Away Team by Joe

Away Team is a resource and squad management simulation game where your goal is to get home. Your ship is stranded 4 jumps from home and each jump takes a certain amount of power and time to charge. You can send an away team on resource gathering missions to nearby asteroids, abandoned ships, and more. You can convert supplies into power and once the jump is charged, make your way home!

Created with GameMaker

Slowbot by Levi

Help Slowbot activate the three lights in each level. Slowbot’s power will gradually decrease over time. Slowbot will become slower and headlight will dim as power decreases. Moving makes Slowbot’s power decrease more rapidly. Picking up a battery will restore some of Slowbot’s power. Touching a mine will drastically lower Slowbot’s power.

Created with Unity3D and Blender

Other Games Recently Created

Abduction by Jake

Capture as many humans as you can before time runs out!

Spin Widgetz by Chad

Spin Widgetz is the ultimate collectible Fidget Spinner experience with true Augmented Reality mode. Spin your spinners to earn gold, then use gold to get new spinners!

Time Lapse Game Development Videos

Spring ’17 Game Jam Entries and May Meeting Announcement

There were three great entries from Knoxville Game Design for Spring ’17.  The theme for this competition was “A Small World”.  The entries by our group are listed below in no specific order.  Let us know if we missed your game!

Tiny Planet Dash by Dylan

Caught next to a star about to go supernova, low on fuel…

Outrun the supernova, stopping at small planets along the way to collect fuel.

Hopperbot by Joe

Long ago the race of Hoppers populated the galaxy. Now all thats left is a few Hopperbots still trying to complete thier exploration of the planets they are left behind on. Can you help the Hopperbots complete their mission of collecting data on their small worlds?

World Fighter by Levi

Classic beat ‘em up action. You must guide the planet and defeat the evil planets to save the universe!

Time Lapse Videos

Gameplay Video

May 2017 Meeting Announcement

We will meet online using Google Hangouts on Sunday May 14, 2017 at 2pm Eastern Time.  No agenda this month.  We will be showing off our Spring ’17 game jam games and other games that we have been developing.

Hangout link –

Be sure your mic is working prior to the meeting.  Also, please mute your mic when not speaking, especially if you are in a place with a lot of background noise.  There is a little mic icon in the Hangout window that will allow you to mute yourself.

We are still exploring other options for holding our online meetings.  We may move to Skype or some other service, but Hangouts is nice since it doesn’t require invitations to be sent.  Any other suggestions are welcome!

GameMaker game jam, Spring ’17 Game Jam Kickoff, and Momocon

Members of Knoxville Game Design created entries for the GM48 22nd game jam. The theme was “Descend”.  The games had to be completely created in 48 hours using GameMaker.

Drone Delver by Joe

Welcome to Drone Delver! The cave exploration drones have gone haywire, and we need your help! They’re only responding to switching positions, but they are able to send signals that effect each other. See if you can figure out how to get to the bottom!

Miner Madness by Levi

Help the miner escape the caves by avoiding the deadly bats and collecting gems!

Time Lapse videos

Spring ’17 Game Jam Kickoff

Some of us will be getting together at Panera Bread on North Peters Rd. at 7pm Eastern Time on Friday April 21, 2017 for a game jam Kickoff.  We are planning to show off our games at the May 2017 online meeting.

Upcoming Events

Members of Knoxville Game Design will be at Momocon in Atlanta, Georgia May 25-28, 2017.

Dylan will have a session on Game Dev for Fun (and not profit) .

Joe will have his own booth at the Indie Game area on the convention floor.

Winter ’16 Game Jam Entries

Last month, there were eight great game entries that members of Knoxville Game Design created for the Winter ’16 game development competition.  The theme for this competition was “One Room”.  The entries by our group are listed below in no specific order.

Your the only person that matters by Jacob

Your The Only Person That Matters is a game about saving before fighting the final boss.  To win you must confirm you want to save.

Da Vinci’s Revenge by Jax

You are a troll and you are after Leonardo Da Vinci because he killed your family. So go kill him now!

Room by Jeffry

My two sons wanted me to make a game while they made games too. So I made this shmup. All made in game maker studio pro (thanks humble bundle), sounds via sound recorder app on my phone.

Eye in the Sky by Joe

Your goal in Eye in the Sky is to find the requested people using the casino security camera feeds. There are 4 different views set up looking into one room – the casino floor. People will be freely moving around the room and as such you’ll need to look at all the cameras to see where they might have gone. You can click on any of the camera feeds to zoom in on that view in the room, which will help you pick out the correct person. The score is based on how quickly you are able to find each person, with no points given after a certain amount of time. There is no gameover, feel free to play as long as you like!

Isolation Knight by Dylan

Persistence pays as you confront a series of enemies, each requiring their own unique strategy. Learn skills and spells as you try to escape the isolation your captors have placed you into.

Free the Frog by Levi

Help Froggy escape the room by collecting the quantum accelerator artifact. When the artifact is collected, Froggy leaps through time and space to the exact same room in another dimension! Help Froggy avoid the dangers so that he can hope that the next leap will be the leap home!

Zombie Swarm by Jason

Its a twin-stick type shooter set in the mythical zombie apocalypse. While enemies are coming at you from all directions, you will want to watch your shots as your ammunition is limited. Thankfully for you, it appears that every zombie is carrying at least one or two bullets, or a grenade. You only get one life, and the zombies are coming faster and faster, how long will you survive?

Fair Damsel in Distress by Ruth Ann

This platformer game for children was developed using Processing version 2 with Java. Only one level (hardest) is provided here. New feature for touch screens is showcased.

Time lapse Videos