A listing of Knox area game developers and people related to game design.

Please post in the introduce-yourself channel on the Knox Game Design Discord to be included in the list.

Quick Links

Jared B knightferret.us
James B lsadevelopment.com
Matthew B itch.io/the-cursed-office
Kendra C
Josh F chaosoftgames.com
Chris G
Amos G
Jake G
Paul G pjg-developments.com
Frank H github.com/frankhale
Zachary J youtube.com/channel/UCfPGhjySKHMNg0w0z1aLuqg
John L animatedlane.com
Ruth Ann M
William M www.fricknfrackgames.com
Forrest M chaosoftgames.com
Nich M
Joe M
Russell M www.npallaudio.com
Michael N
Zack P zackparrish.com
Chris R
Drew R retrocemetery.com
Chad S chadshepard.net
Levi S levidsmith.com
Dennis S www.dennis-stepp.com
Jacob   ldjam.com/users/jacobturn/games
Jeffry T www.thingiverse.com/insane66
Ryan W forthrightentertainment.com
Dylan W www.dylanwolf.com
Jason Y www.cupcodegamers.com