Summer ’18 Game Jam Entries

Knoxville Game Design had three great entries for Summer ’18!  The theme for this game jam was “Running out of Space”.

Put What Where? by Joe

Your goal is to receive and sort mixed pallets of different colored boxes to match the outgoing orders. You have a limited amount of space to organize, and the only way to make more space is to finish the pallet configurations and get them out the door. The faster you can finish each one the more points you get. If there is no space to receive the next incoming shipment when it arrives you get a strike – 3 strikes and it’s game over.

FIRE by Jacob

In FIRE, you must escape a burning Forrest by collecting three parts of a broken key.  You must piece them together and escape through the front gate. WASD to move, touch keys to collect.

Crazy Delivery by Levi

Choose your truck and deliver the packages to the buildings. Each truck has different speed, turning, and package capacity. Can you deliver all of the packages before time runs out?

Time Lapse Development Videos