Unity UI Text – Knox Game Design, June 2018

This month Dylan Wolf tells us about the built-in options for Unity UI text, including TextMeshPro’s support for sprite fonts and icons.

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Dylan Wolf
https://www.dylanwolf.com/ @DylanWolf https://dylanwolf.itch.io
Joe Miller
http://doublesquarellc.com/ @DoubleSquareJoe https://doublesquare.itch.io/
Levi D. Smith https://levidsmith.com @GaTechGrad https://gatechgrad.itch.io
Zachary Johnson

Links and Notes

Unity UI Text presentation as a downloadable ZIP file – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PjeguR7WMcamFavbK-JLyqLT1DTpWs_M/view

Unity UI Text blog post on Dylan’s site – https://www.dylanwolf.com/2018/05/04/four-ways-to-handle-ui-text-in-unity/

Knox Game Design
Knox Game Design
Unity UI Text - Knox Game Design, June 2018