Knox Game Jam 2024 Recap – Knox Game Design, April 2024

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Knox Game Jam 2024 kickoff!  Seven great games were created by the group for the game jam.  Great job everyone!

Minu by Dustin

Minu by Dustin

Claws and Conundrums by James and PandaPuffsForBreakfast

You are somewhat of a know-it-all. Your good friend has reached out for help in a murder case. It is up to you to figure out what summoned creature has killed someone in your village.

Soviet Necromancy by Jacob

You play as a state-sanctioned summoner that summons forth fallen comrades who perished in defending the new-motherland. A colony of Rogue War-Automatons has taken refuge in an ancient service tunnel in the new-motherland’s bowels. Destroy them all.

Save the Mothership by Mike

The Mothership is outnumbered and has taken refuge in an asteroid field.  There are only 5 defense drones left.  Can you stop the enemy drones from destroying it before our fleet arrives to chase off the attackers?

Grayson Alpha by Ethan

Untitled Robot Card Game by Colin and Dogwood

Pick a bot and try to win until the game breaks!

Worker Bees by Levi

Enemy bugs are attacking the bee hive. Spawn worker bees to attack the enemies and protect the hive. Worker bees will orbit around the hive at a constant distance. The bee meter in the upper right corner shows the amount of time remaining until another bee can be spawned. How long will your bee hive last?

Other games recently released by Knox area developers

Impact Zone by Chad

A warp-gate malfunction has landed you smack-dab in the middle of an asteroid field… and a time-space anomaly has you stuck there! Equipped with blasters, a tractor-beam and an energy shield, how long can you survive the Impact Zone?

A Weekend at Camp Oostanaula by Dylan

A 90’s scout camp TTRPG horror setting

Knox Game Design
Knox Game Design
Knox Game Jam 2024 Recap - Knox Game Design, April 2024