February 2019 Online Meeting Announcement

Knoxville Game Design invites you to attend the online meeting and podcast recording for Sunday February 10, 2019 at 2pm Eastern Time.

This month’s topic will be game development history featuring QBasic.  We will discuss how we got started with game development and the first tools and languages that we used.  Levi D. Smith will show how to setup QBasic using DOSBox and a brief overview of the language.

We will also show the Knoxville GameMaker games created for GM48 last month.

3Tris by Joe

3Tris is a mashup of Tetris and Match-3 rules, where the pieces come down from the top and can be rotated and positioned by using WASD (and spacebar to speed up). The twist that makes the colors important is that the mouse is a 2-block cursor that swaps block positions. The only way to clear blocks is to make match-3 combos by moving the blocks around after they touchdown.

Iro no Hoiiru by Levi

The wheel of color is composed of six colors (aka, orenji, ki, midori, ao, and murasaki). Hold the spin button to adjust the spin power. When the wheel stops, your marker is moved to the next color on the board matching the color where the arrow is pointing. Your marker moves left to right and bottom to top of the board.

Any questions on the topic or game development in general are welcome.  We will also have time for “show and tell” for anyone who wants to share any game projects that they have been developing.

Join us using Google Hangouts at the following URL:  https://hangouts.google.com/call/ni63jloemrd7xdto37z5mayk4uu

Video for last month’s meeting – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qupXUJwGkpI

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