Spring ’18 Game Jam Entries

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the Spring ’18 kickoff!  Knoxville Game Design had three great entries for the game jam!  The theme for this game jam was “Combine 2 Incompatible Genres”.

Card Person Shooter by Jacob

After cheating in a game of poker, you must go through the red underworld of the Cardlands, fight your way out with the very cards that got you here. Use WASD to move and left click to attack.

Cardramino by Joe

Drag the cards to the board to use them to manipulate the pieces as they come down. There are left, right, and rotation cards. The cards will highlight green if they are acceptable to play, and red if they are not.

You can also choose to sacrifice a card to freeze the piece for a limited time (3 seconds). The card slot that is discarded will be out of play for awhile. It can be helpful to get the freeze time, but hurtful because you will less cards for that time. The longer the game goes, the more penalty time the discard takes to freeze the falling piece.

Blocks of Nibiru by Levi

Blocks from from Nibiru are falling into our dimension. The blocks arrive in shapes of four and stack on top of other blocks. Save the world from destruction by destroying the blocks before they reach the top of the dimensional plane. Destroying blocks will periodically award bonuses for your ship. Be careful to watch the heat meter above each ship, as overheating will require your cannons an extended period of time to cool off before you can shoot again.

In other words, the game is a cross between the space shoot-em-up genre and falling block puzzle game genre. The gameplay is inspired by games like Gyruss and Tetris.

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