Making 3D Assets for Games – Next Meetup Sunday Oct 14, 2012

Our next meeting will be held Sunday, Oct 14th from 2-5PM at the Technology Cooperative.  This is a week early due to a scheduling conflict.  In fact, given that we have Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, I’m going to move the group to the second Sunday of the month.

The topic this month is how to create 3D graphics and objects for your game:

Josh Ferguson, lead artist of local indie game studio Chaosoft Games and an instructor in graphic design, game design, and 3D animation, will be demonstrating the process of developing 3D game assets using Autodesk 3D Studio Max and Adobe Photoshop.  A complete overview of the 3D asset pipeline will be shown, including modeling, UV unwrapping, texture creation, and preparing a model for export to a 3D game engine.  The modeling portion of the demo will focus on simple, easy-to-create objects, while texture creation will cover tileable textures, painting textures, and supplementary textures to enhance the appearance of a model.  A brief intro of the necessary tools and software UI will preface the main demo.  Attendees who wish to follow along on their own computers are encouraged to install the free trial versions of the aforementioned software.  The demo is expected to last between 60-90 minutes.

Last month’s “Show and Tell” was a great success, and will be a regular part of the meetings.   Come ready to show a bit of your in progress game, a favorite tool, a mechanic you love in another game, or anything you find helpful and want to share with the group.  Its not required to bring something to Show and Tell, but it’s a great way to share with the group!