3D Programming Primer – Next Meetup Sunday Nov 11, 2012

This month we will follow our 3D design meetup with 3D programming:

You may have heard of and even checked out Microsoft’s XNA Framework, the managed game development framework built with .Net that let’s you write games for a Window PC, Windows Phone 7, and the Xbox 360.  Even for the experienced developer stepping into the world of 3D game development can be like Alice visiting Wonderland.  It can be hard to ask questions when you don’t even understand the terms used! This session focuses on fundamental 3D game programming concepts assuming one is new to game programming and XNA, but has a good background of general programming.

The talk is geared to C#/XNA developers, but also covers several base concepts in 3D programming.  As always we will start with a Show and Tell discussion.  Meeting starts at 2PM this Sunday at the Technology Cooperative.