Meeting Recap – September 16th, 2012

This past week was another great meeting for the group.  The “Show & Tell” portion was very fun and informative.  The items shown included:

  • Mike walked though XTiled – an open source XNA library for Tiled TMX map loading and rendering he is working on.
  • Forrest gave a detailed overview of the custom map editor he created for EvilQuest 2.
  • Levi showed a test game he created using HTML5’s canvas object “Hand Full of Heads“.  The idea came from a discussion at August’s meeting about art games (it wasn’t a serious discussion).
  • Jacob game a demo of his current work-in-progress platformer “Zombies”, created with GameMaker.  This is the game he started designing in February at the Techco.

Following Show & Tell, Levi gave a presentation on things he learned from the release of his first XBLIG Resistor.  This is a really great list of things to consider when releasing a game, and sparked a good deal of conversation.

Next month’s meeting is tentatively planned to be an intro to 3D modeling given by Josh of Chaosoft Games.  We are open to more topic ideas and presenters so if you have a subject you would like to cover, just let us know.  We will also be keeping the Show & Tell portion next month.

See you then!