Art App Roundup – January 11th, 2015 Meetup

Welcome to 2015!  I hope everyone’s new year’s resolutions include ship a game! 

Quick Reminder – Open Game Labs:   The group hosts an Open Game Lab every Tuesday 5:30PM – 8PM and on the 3rd Sunday of the month 2PM – 5PM.  These labs are unstructured time for anyone to come to the space, hang out and work on their game.  If you are just starting out this is also a great time to come ask questions!

Also, congratulations are in order for Dylan who placed in the top 100 (#97) of game jam Compo entries!

Okay, details on the next meetup.  Last month we shared a bunch of different things in a series of micro talks, but these all had a “code” feel to them, so this month we are doing it again but with an art focus.  Currently we have two speakers lined up:

If there is an art application you would like to demonstrate, send me a email and we’ll get it added to the list.

The meetup will be held at the Technology Cooperative located at 13 Emory Place, Knoxville TN.  Parking is available in front of the Technology Cooperative.  As always we will start at 2PM and open with a Show ‘n Tell where everyone can show a bit of their in progress game, favorite tool, mechanic they love in another game, or anything they find helpful and want to share with the group.