Gamedev Potluck – April 10th, 2016 Meetup

Next Game Design Chat Podcast Game is Dark Maus

This month’s game is DarkMaus (available on Steam):

DarkMaus is an indie action RPG with challenging, skill-based combat that punishes careless play. In DarkMaus, you play a lonely wanderer searching for what’s left in a corrupted world. The odds are against you – you will certainly perish.

The podcast is recorded after the regular meetup ends.  Anyone is welcome to join the discussion with the only requirement being that you have played the game.  I highly recommend taking notes while playing so you have a good set of taking points for the podcast and have less of a chance of forgetting something!

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This Month’s Topic: Gamedev Potluck

This month bring your tool recommendations, in progress projects, and questions for an open roundtable of sharing and Q&A!  We’ll also spend some time recapping announcements that came out of //Build and GDC related to game dev.

Next Game Jam is April 15-18th, 2016

The next game jam is April 15-18th, 2016.  We will again meet Friday night at 7PM for the kick off and the theme announcement at 9PM.  More details to come, but now is the time to mark the date on your calendar if you plan on joining in the fun!

Location and Time

The meetup will be held at the Technology Cooperative located at 13 Emory Place, Knoxville TN.  Parking is available in front of the Technology Cooperative.  We start at 2PM and open with some roundtable discussion and a Show ‘n Tell where everyone can show a bit of their in progress game, favorite tool, mechanic they love in another game, or anything they find helpful and want to share with the group.