KGD Winter ’15 Game Jam Roundup

Several games were submitted by Knoxville Game Design members to the game jam this month.  The theme was tie between “Growing” and “Two button controls” so participants could choose one or both for their game.  Here are the games submitted by Knox Game Design members!

Button Flower by Jacob

Play the game here

Jacob (age 11.9) has created a different game this time. He did all the art and coding with Gamemaker Studio with built in sprite editor. Dad is helping compile and post the entry but that is all the help dad has done.


Super Autoscrolling Space Robot GROWZINGER by Dylan

Play the game here

Flying through space, constantly growing, SUPER AUTO-SCROLLING SPACE ROBOT GROWZINGER is hot-blooded forced scrolling giant robot action.


Survive by Paul

Play the game here

Now the game is called Survive, and all you have to do it that.


Mutant Veggie Arena by Levi

Play the game here

Save the world from the mutant vegetables!

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