GameDev Potpourri! June 8th Meetup

It’s another “fast month” and our next meetup is this weekend.  “GameDev Potpourri” may sound like another “open discussion” but it’s really an idea I want to test out this month that is a twist on last month.  Instead of one speaker filling the whole meetup, everyone (who wants to) can cover something for 10-20 minutes.

For example, I’ll talk about the new changes in Unity 4.5 that was released last week, and what to look forward to in 4.6.

If you know what you want to talk about, send me an email and I’ll add it to the list on the website.

If everything goes as planned we’ll have some awesome speakers for July and August.  Also in July is CodeStock where Dylan and I will both be giving talks on Unity.  As of this writing there are only 80 tickets left so don’t wait if you plan to attend.

In TechCo news, the Raspberry Pi meetup group is ending.  The group met every 3rd Sunday to discuss and work on projects involving the Raspberry Pi.  The group never built a following, so we’ve decided to end the group but keep the meetup.  What does that mean? It means every 3rd Sunday from 3PM – 5PM will be an “open lab” time at the TechCo.  You can come down and hang out to work on or discuss any project, not just Raspberry Pi related ones.

The Knoxville Game Design meetup will be held at the Technology Cooperative located at 13 Emory Place, Knoxville TN.  Parking is available in front of the Technology Cooperative.  We will start at 2PM and open with a Show ‘n Tell where everyone can show a bit of their in progress game, favorite tool, mechanic they love in another game, or anything they find helpful and want to share with the group.