KnoxGameDesign featured in this weeks MetroPulse!

Be sure to stop by your favorite coffee shop this week and grab the January 23rd, 2014 issue of the Knoxville Metropulse, with cover story featuring the Knoxville Game Design meetup and the game jam.  If you can’t wait, you can also read the story online or download a PDF version that includes photos.  (In case these link no longer work in the future we’ve made an archive copy of the story here).  A big thanks to Mike Gibson (author) and David Luttrell (photographer) for their work covering the group and our participation in the game jam.

Our next meetup is February 9th and the topic is tentatively “music”.  I’ve reached out to local musician Zack Parrish and he will be coming to the group for a indie game music Q&A but his schedule is packed so it won’t be for a few months.  If anyone has a topic they would like to share for February let me know, if not we’ll go forward with “music” in a round table discussion style.