Knoxville Takes DBP By Storm! / Next Meeting Sunday, June 24 Details

Members of Knox Game Design entered not one, not two, but three games in Microsoft’s Dream Build Play 2012 game competition!  Here are the entries:

EvilQuest 2 by Chaosoft Games

In a world on the brink of annihilation, a mighty warlord has appeared and seems hell-bent on delivering the planet a final crushing blow. But, in the small village of Aurora, a glimmer of hope appears in the night sky. A mysterious stranger has fallen from the heavens, fulfilling one of the planet’s most ancient legends. Is this man the people’s savior, as the legend claims, or something else entirely? In EvilQuest 2, play as a mysterious hero on a quest to discover the truth about both himself and the world that he has been thrust into.

Resistor by Levi D Smith:

The objective of Resistor is to build connections to carry electrical flow to activate LEDs (light emitting diodes). To avoid damaging these components, the flow level must be reduced using resistors. Each level is graded upon number of pieces used, the luminosity of the LEDs, and the time required to complete the level. This game teaches the basics of resistor color code values to help educate youngsters who are interested in learning about electronics.

Captain Dubstep by FuncWorks, LLC:

Captain Dubstep is sent in to fight the forces of METAL who have been terrorizing the peace loving people of Electronica. Approaching the METAL moon base, her ship is hit and her weapons scattered across the base. The Captain must find her equipment, then shut down the moon base once and for all!

Next Meetup – Sunday, June 24th 2-5PM

Our next meeting will be held Sunday, June 24th from 2-5PM at the Technology Cooperative.

Since CodeStock just happened, I haven’t had time to plan out much for this meeting, so the plan is to round table discuss submitting the games above to Dream Build Play with the creators present, and follow that with a screening of Indie Game: The Movie.

See you there!