Spring ’20 Game Jam Entries

Knox Game Design had four great entries for the Spring ’20 game jam!  The theme was “Keep it Alive”.  Let us know if we missed your game and we will add it to the list.

Machina by Jacob

You play as robot making it’s way through a impossible facility filled with mechanical ghosts. You must keep your batteries filled by standing under strange floating light sources, and avoid the ghosts by not staying in their detection for too long.

Potted Plant Simulator by Dylan

Click “Watering Can” and “Plant Food” to apply water or plant food to the plant.

Raising Cerberus by James

Young Cerberus is just 30 days away from being old enough to guard the gates of hell. Keep him alive and entertained long enough, and Hades best friend will serve you well for years to come.


Chicken Little by Levi

Keep the chickens alive by clicking on the falling apples to prevent them from falling on the chicken’s head. If an apple hits a chicken, then it is knocked out. Additional chickens are awarded after clicking a number of apples. Once all of the chickens are knocked out, the game is over.

Time Lapse Videos