About Us

Knoxville Game Design is a group based in Knoxville, Tennessee that encourages people of all ages to get involved with game design and development.  The group welcomes all levels of designers, from veteran indies to new hobbyists.  The group focuses on helping each other with the game development process.  Meetings typically focus on exploring one aspect of game development in depth.  We typically don’t “make games” during the meetings, but there are many members who would be willing to help new game developers outside of the meetings if asked politely.

The best way to stay in touch and get reminders of the meetings is by subscribing to the newsletter (sign up form is on the right of the page, or at the bottom if using a small screen).

The group meets online monthly on the second Sunday of the month at 2pm Eastern Time using Google Hangouts.

Questions relating to the group meetings and events should be directed to:  Levi D. Smith (levidsmith@knoxgamedesign.org)

Technical issues with the website should be directed to: Dylan Wolf (dylan@dylanwolf.com)