Spring ’19 Game Jam Kickoff

This is just a reminder that the Knoxville Game Design kickoff meeting for Spring ’19 is Friday April 26, 2019 at Panera Bread on North Peters Rd.  We will be there starting around 7:00pm, but feel free to join us at any time.  The theme announcement is at 9:00pm, and we will end after discussing the theme.  Participation in the game jam is not necessary to attend our kickoff, if you just want to come out and meet us and talk about game design.

The following game jam is currently scheduled for October 2019, so we probably won’t have another in-person meeting for about six months.  We will continue to have the online hangouts every second Sunday of the month at 2pm Eastern Time.  The topic for the May 2019 meeting will be showing off our Spring ’19 games (and any other recently developed games).