Math for Game Developers – Knoxville Game Design, March 2019

This month Levi D. Smith covers math for game developers. He explains how algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus apply to game development with Unity and GameMaker examples.

Minor corrections

  • 24:42 The hypotenuse is the distance (not angle) from the starting point to the ending point. I was trying to refer to the angled (diagonal) line, but it sounds confusing when I listened to it again.
  • 34:12 16^0 is 1 (not 16), which divides into 10, 10 times which is represented as “A”
  • 1:01:29 Total distance from the source to the destination (not origin)
  • 1:29:38 Imaginary number is the square root of -1 (not square root of 1). Later I said it correctly, but left out negative/minus the first time I said it.



Levi D. Smith @GaTechGrad


Unity and GameMaker examples –

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