Knoxville Indies Are Taking Over!

(Quick reminder, our normal meetup has been moved to next weekend and is in a special format for the game jam).

Some big things happening for local indie developers this month!

First, Levi D. Smith has released ANSI_GFX_ADVNTR on the Xbox 360.  You can find the game under the Xbox Live Indie Games section on the Xbox 360, or send it to your console directly from the xbox.xom website.  Here is a bit on the game from the press release:

Knoxville, TN – November 2013 – Levi D. Smith presents TTY GFX ADVNTR, his second game published on the XBox Live Indie Game marketplace.  TTY GFX ADVNTR puts the player in the role of a hero who must defeat the dragon to save the princess.

The idea for the game was originally conceived through the game jam competition, where the theme was to create a game using a low level programming language in 48 hours.  The game was inspired by BBS DOOR games of the mid-90’s, and it uses a graphical style of games that were played through a computer terminal (TTY).  After receiving positive feedback from the Indie developer community, Levi decided to port the original game to the Xbox Live Indie Game platform so that it could be enjoyed by a wider audience.

As the hero, the player must battle monsters across five different lands to gain the experience needed to conquer the dragon.  Long time RPG fans will find the battle system and mechanics very familiar.  While on the adventure, the player will meet various allies who will assist the player in progressing through the story.   Weapons and armor crafted by the blacksmith will give the player the needed power to complete the adventure.

Second, Chaosoft Games will be bringing EvilQuest to Steam! As part of the December 4th batch, EvilQuest was greenlit to be on Steam, the largest digital distribution site for games (it’s estimated that 75% of all digital games purchased for the PC are through Steam).  I hear that Josh Ferguson has already commissioned a gold plated version of G1 Megatron appropriate to his new status in society.