September 2017 Online Meeting Announcement

Hello to all game developers, designers, artists, and musicians in the Knoxville area!

Knoxville Game Design invites you to attend the online hangout for Sunday September 10, 2017 at 2pm Eastern Time.

Discussion topics

  • Show and tell
  • Dream Build Play 2017 dev log contest
  • Publishing a game with the Creators Program on XBox One
  • Levi Smith will do a demo of Inkscape and Spriter

We will be using Google Hangouts again, which can be accessed at the following URL:

Be sure your microphone or webcam is working prior to the meeting.  We suggest using the mic button at the bottom of the window to mute yourself when not talking to reduce the amount of background noise on the recorded podcast.  Firefox no longer works with Hangouts, so please use a browser such as Internet Explorer or Chrome.

Video for last month’s online hangout is now available:

The audio version is available as a podcast on iTunes:

The audio is also available on Stitcher:

Follow the Knoxville Game Design Twitter account for the latest updates:

Please direct any questions to