A listing of Knoxville area game designers and people related to game design. You can include your information by making an account on the site and completing your profile information.

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Listing of those who have attended a Knoxville Game Design meeting and have a web presence.

Name (last, first) Web Social Games / Specialty
Ferguson Josh http://chaosoftgames.com/ @ChaosoftGames 3D Modeling, Unreal Engine
Gardner Chris http://blog.freestylecoding.com/ @freestylecoder XNA
Garner Amos http://agamerstudios.com/ @agamerstudios https://agamerstudios.itch.io/
Gillenwater Jake  http://jakegillenwater.me/    
Green Paul http://pjg-developments.com/ @pjghangouts Android, Clickteam Fusion
Johnson Zachary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckPRXErWLO0    
Lane John http://animatedlane.com/ @animatedlane 2D Art
Manning Ruth Ann http://meemawsurrendered.com   https://tranzeve.itch.io/
McCorkle Forrest http://chaosoftgames.com/ @ChaosoftGames XNA, Monogame
Mebane Nich http://nichmebane.com/ @Sweet_Niche https://sweet-niche.itch.io/
Miller Joe http://doublesquarellc.com/ @DoublesquareJoe https://doublesquare.itch.io/
GameMaker, Mobile
Neel Michael http://www.vinull.com/ @ViNull https://vinull.itch.io/
Parrish Zack http://zackparrish.com/ @Zack_Parrish Music
Rathgeb Chris http://www.apptova.com/ @chris_rathgeb  
Ragsdale Drew https://retrocemetery.com/   Videos
2D Art, GameMaker
Shepard Chad http://chadshepard.net/ @lefthandsling Augmented Reality, Unity
Smith Levi https://levidsmith.com/ @GaTechGrad https://gatechgrad.itch.io/
Unity, GameMaker, 3D modeling
Stepp Dennis https://www.dennis-stepp.com/ @destepp https://ldjam.com/users/mr-mcgibblets/games
  Jacob http://ldjam.com/users/jacobturn/games https://gamejolt.com/@Big_Ol_Tom
Turnmire Jeffry http://www.thingiverse.com/insane66 3D Printing
Waller Ryan http://forthrightentertainment.com/ @forthrightenter  
Wolf Dylan https://www.dylanwolf.com/ @dylanwolf https://dylanwolf.itch.io/
Unity, 2D Art
Yarber Jason http://www.cupcodegamers.com/ @CupCodeGamers https://cupcodegamers.itch.io/

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